My works are usually landscapes.

I use color blocks of cut paper and

other materials. These collage and 

acrylic works are produced on

boards, canvas and/or paper. 

Modified colors and textures are painted or printed in acrylic.  Wet or dry charcoal sticks, oil sticks or implements are used. Abstracted forms are added in paper or fabric. Acrylic mediums and varnishes, oil varnish and cold wax are used to complete the pieces depending on the substrate.

Working with a planned color palette, theme and collage elements, I use shape, texture and color to interrupt and pivot a piece in an unexpected direction. I want to create a moment in time to pause and consider...that's different! Even though my work is not completely representational, it evokes the scene of the subject and the feel of the moment.


Please contact me with inquiries about works or commissions on the contact page. I'd love to hear from you!

I am proud to have shown works and to be a member of the NAWA, NAWASC, Atanta Collage Society and the Anderson Artists' Guild. One of my goals for 2021 and beyond is to be in a small group show or a one woman show. Thanks!

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